Am I still breathing? My take on combining work and study

Balancing work and study can be a challenge, especially when you’re in your late twenties. As someone who is currently going through this experience, I know that it takes dedication and hard work to balance the demands of both. The key is to find the right balance between work and studying so that you don’t burn out or become overwhelmed. This means setting achievable goals, prioritizing tasks based on importance or urgency, learning how to outsource or delegate some of your workload when needed, taking advantage of technology whenever possible, and getting support from family members or mentors if necessary. Above all else, however, it’s important to maintain a healthy mind.

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Managing Time Wisely

Finding a balance between work, study and life, for me, is the most difficult task. Setting achievable goals in work and studies is key to ensuring that neither one suffers due to a lack of attention. Additionally, learning when it’s necessary to say NO or outsource tasks can help maintain a balance between all aspects of life. You can’t give 100% to everything. Sometimes you have to prioritize your well-being over work and study obligations.

Creating a Support System

Having a support system can be invaluable when dealing with the challenges of balancing work and study, as it increases motivation and takes your mind off worrying. Working out and taking mental breaks whenever possible is essential for me.

Staying Motivated

Without motivation, it can often be too easy to become overwhelmed or give up altogether. What worked for me to keep my motivation high, was trying to set mini-goals for myself and rewarding myself when I reached them. Most of the time that meant cake.

Understanding Your Strengths and Weaknesses

When it comes to understanding your strengths and weaknesses during studying and working full-time, it is important to first assess how much work you can handle at one time. If the amount of work is overwhelming, then it’s better to break down the tasks into smaller chunks and work on them one at a time. But sometimes it just doesn’t work like that. Sometimes it’s just too much.

That’s when you have to say to yourself: **** it! And move on. The world will keep on spinning.

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